Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Winter Break!!

Hey Guys
Its been awhile. I have been knitting like crazy!! lolz. Im only a few days away from going to Nicaragua for my mission trip and im soo excited!! Ive been knitting cup cozy, in different animal shapes. Im sorry i don't have any pictures to show you, but take my word for it they are really cute XD
-This semester was both long and short. I dint do as well as i hoped to do, my GPA dropped .1 point 0_o i know!!! but i did get a few A's and nothing worse than a B- so i guess i shouldn't complain. I did get a B Japanese XD! i could have done much better but i was really nervous and kept making dumb mistakes, but its all good. Im already planning my study abroad for next summer. Hopefully me and my friend can both go together.
Well I'm off to the Lion Brand Store in NYC, need to pick up some yarn for a few last minute gifts =) Happy Holidays!!!!