Monday, September 21, 2009

Things Ive Been Working On

It has been a few days since my last post but i promise you i have been knitting like crazy lolz. I recently taught two of my friends how to knit and now their boyfriends are accusing me of starting some sort of knitting cult (hmmmm doesnt sound to bad lolz). Well i borrowed some knitting books from the library (im on a college budget here) and they are amazing, i absolutly love them.
I borrowed Great Knitted Gifts by Andrea Shackleton and Gayle Shackleton and Socks à la Carte
by SWTC Design Team In great knitted gifts i already made a mitten XD. But the pattern in the book called for a pattern of small flowers and i dint have all the colors to make the flowers so i imporvised and designed my mitten with stripes :D

I only finished one of the mittens because i noticed that its just a bit to big for my hand =( I know it sucks because i love how it came out. But no worries im going to take my darling mitten to my mother and she in all her sewing genius will find a solution to my dilemma.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Kitty Madness

Hello everyone it feels like forever since i last posted. So much has happend since the start of the semester a few weeks ago. I love my RA position and my residents are great (so far lolz). Ive been really busy with classes and work but of course i am still hardcore knitting. It was my friends birthday last week and i wanted to give her a hand knitted gift, so of course i turne to ravelry for my pattern needs and was greatly rewarded. I stumbled upon a pattern called Stuffies by Ysolda Teague and thought it was the cutest thing ever. So i casted on the kitty pattern in black yarn. Since it has been along time since i used dpns it was a rough start but i kept going. Once i had all the pieces knitted and ready for stuffing, i used a little DIY ingenious and instead of buying a bag of stuffing i went to my local thrift store and bought an old pillow and took the stuffing from there XD ingenious i kno lolz. Well i stuffed the kitty and sewed on all the paws and such, but then i noticed that you could see the stuffing through the knitting.

Hmmm so of course i tried to sew a few strand of yarn in between the stitching so that the stuffing could be hidden, but that dint work and now my kitten had a bunch of C sections every were 0_o.

But my friend loved him all the same and she was very happy with it.

Well I still dint feel like ive done the pattern justice after my first try so i went back to the needles and casted on for a second kitty!!

His name is Yuki meaning snow in Japanese !!!XD!!!