Friday, August 12, 2011

Hello World!!

I have been on here in AGES!!! so a well deserved re-cap is in order!
Since my last post, I traveled to Japan and had an amazing time! I have decided to pursue a career in Japan and will be applying for a job there as soon as I graduate. I am about to enter my last year in college!! and couldn't be more excited about it!

-So that was a mouth full lol. Now I am once again on a knitting kick and cant wait for the fall to come in. I just can't knit during the summer, the heat and humidity makes handling yarn a death sentence! But now that school starts in two weeks and I shall be packing my bags towards campus again, my knitting fever is starting up again. Now I am scouting the pages of Ravelry and VougeKnitting for my first project for the fall!! I am soo excited! It feels like New Years again and I'm making my resolutions lol hopefully I actually stick to these ;)

I have also been thinking about starting my etsy page. People are always telling me that I should sell my knitting. I think its a good idea but every time I everyone else's work I get a little discouraged. I mean it's soo good. But hey you gotta start somewhere. So I am going to put my fears aside and hopefully actually get the page running. Wish me luck on my resolutions!! X)

Here is a picture of me under a gazebo in Japan. It's at my favorite park Ohori Koen.