Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Winter Break!!

Hey Guys
Its been awhile. I have been knitting like crazy!! lolz. Im only a few days away from going to Nicaragua for my mission trip and im soo excited!! Ive been knitting cup cozy, in different animal shapes. Im sorry i don't have any pictures to show you, but take my word for it they are really cute XD
-This semester was both long and short. I dint do as well as i hoped to do, my GPA dropped .1 point 0_o i know!!! but i did get a few A's and nothing worse than a B- so i guess i shouldn't complain. I did get a B Japanese XD! i could have done much better but i was really nervous and kept making dumb mistakes, but its all good. Im already planning my study abroad for next summer. Hopefully me and my friend can both go together.
Well I'm off to the Lion Brand Store in NYC, need to pick up some yarn for a few last minute gifts =) Happy Holidays!!!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

New Group Formation

I am the secretary for the knitting club on my campus called Knit-Wits. And I recently created a Ravelry group for us XD. Hopefully I can get the members to sign up and start using Ravelry!! I took some pictures of them
On a different note i finished a few projects i had on the needles. But i only got around to taking pictures of one of them o_0 i know, i know but college life is hectic, between sleep, knitting and eating i haven't any time to do anything (maybe i should include classes hmmmmm......nope overrated lolz jk jk). The pattern is called One Day Beret by Kristen Kapur on Ravelry.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Loving What Fall Brings

I love the fall. The changing of the leaves and the beautiful color they form. My school is situated on a huge hill over lookign a valley and all around it are even more hills. Walking through campus you can see all the shades of yellow, orange, red, brown and green on the hills. Its absolutely amazing.

On thursday i made apple cider! It was awesome! The entire Hays Hall Staff went to the Outing Club's Director. His home was amazing, complete with a barn, lake and 8 acres of land o_0. I was in awe it felt like heaven! The cider making machine was in his barn so we all headed on up there and gathered around this contraption.

The machine looked like something out of the 18th century lolz but it got the job done. We had about 100 apples and 4 different kinds to make the cider. Ive never made cider before so this was an entirely new experience for me. First we set up the machine and feed the apples through the razor thing lolz. Then you turn the wheel and Voila out comes crushed apples and cider!!

Yesterday i went rollerblading at the local skating rink. It was so much fun. My school hosted the event and we they provided free food for us XD (College kids love free food!!). The only time i fell the entire time was in the last 5 minutes of the program!. I was heading for the edge of the rink were my friends were taking off their skates and as i braced for impact my arms grabed the wall but my feet kept going rite past me lmaoo. It was straight out of a comedy i fell in slow motion!! i couldn't stop laughing.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Things Ive Been Working On

It has been a few days since my last post but i promise you i have been knitting like crazy lolz. I recently taught two of my friends how to knit and now their boyfriends are accusing me of starting some sort of knitting cult (hmmmm doesnt sound to bad lolz). Well i borrowed some knitting books from the library (im on a college budget here) and they are amazing, i absolutly love them.
I borrowed Great Knitted Gifts by Andrea Shackleton and Gayle Shackleton and Socks à la Carte
by SWTC Design Team In great knitted gifts i already made a mitten XD. But the pattern in the book called for a pattern of small flowers and i dint have all the colors to make the flowers so i imporvised and designed my mitten with stripes :D

I only finished one of the mittens because i noticed that its just a bit to big for my hand =( I know it sucks because i love how it came out. But no worries im going to take my darling mitten to my mother and she in all her sewing genius will find a solution to my dilemma.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Kitty Madness

Hello everyone it feels like forever since i last posted. So much has happend since the start of the semester a few weeks ago. I love my RA position and my residents are great (so far lolz). Ive been really busy with classes and work but of course i am still hardcore knitting. It was my friends birthday last week and i wanted to give her a hand knitted gift, so of course i turne to ravelry for my pattern needs and was greatly rewarded. I stumbled upon a pattern called Stuffies by Ysolda Teague and thought it was the cutest thing ever. So i casted on the kitty pattern in black yarn. Since it has been along time since i used dpns it was a rough start but i kept going. Once i had all the pieces knitted and ready for stuffing, i used a little DIY ingenious and instead of buying a bag of stuffing i went to my local thrift store and bought an old pillow and took the stuffing from there XD ingenious i kno lolz. Well i stuffed the kitty and sewed on all the paws and such, but then i noticed that you could see the stuffing through the knitting.

Hmmm so of course i tried to sew a few strand of yarn in between the stitching so that the stuffing could be hidden, but that dint work and now my kitten had a bunch of C sections every were 0_o.

But my friend loved him all the same and she was very happy with it.

Well I still dint feel like ive done the pattern justice after my first try so i went back to the needles and casted on for a second kitty!!

His name is Yuki meaning snow in Japanese !!!XD!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dying To Knit lolz

I have about 6 days untill i return to school and am once again reunited with my needles n yarn. I don't know what possed me to leave them behind for the summer break but luckily it will be over soon. I've been looking at different knitting blogs and i found one i really like its called Two Swallows. I like her style and her pieces are gorgeous! lolz. It will be awhile before i can pull off any of those pieces but im getting there, ive come a long way from knitting strange shapes and trying to pass them of for scarves..lmao Another thing i discovered was that someone actually reads my blog!! which is amazing and might hint to me being totally hopeless because of how happy I am about that but i dont care!! lol Thank you very much for who ever is reading this and please continue to do so =)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Back In Bussines

Wow it has been such a long time since i last posted, due to a broken hand sometime around may then add in finals and summer break to that equation and you get a blank blog lolz. Well i broke my hand in karate and so was out of comission for the better part of a month and a half. I was really devastated when it happend, not so much b/c of the pain but unfinished projects i left behind. But now thats all said and done i am fully healed and dying to start knitting again!!!

I even bought a brand new book called The Knitters Bible: Knitted Accessories by Claire Crompton. It is a really nice book with about 30 projects ranging from scarves to hodies. I really like her explenations about the diffrent yarns and how to mix them. She uses alot of colors and diffrent yarns to make her projects which i just love.

I cant wait to start school again. I got the RA job meaning Resident Advisor and so i get my own room!! which is great but i also get alot of experience in dealing with college kids which helps me alot in my major. Well im out, about to watch a movie to pass the time.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Weekend At SUNY Albany

I just came back from a nice weekend with my good friend Chenelle at SUNY Albany. But of course i forgot to take pictures b/c i conveniently lost my camera in my bag 0_o. Lolz. But it was really fun and i got to go to Michaels. Wow i just love that store, i could definetly set up camp n live in it. I picked up a few skeins of yarn and the Lion Brand Speed Stix. So i have a few projects on board that im just dying to start lolz. Well ive got a whole day of classes tom, so im off to bed.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Could I Knit In My Sleep????....maybe not.....ill keep you posted

Hey there guys, im dead asleep right now but i had to start putting the tassels on this lovely shawl i knitted for my mom's birthday which is on March 30th. She has no idea about it. So im really excited to hear (since i cant see her cuz im away at school) about her reaction. Well its 1:10 in the morning and i have class tom, so im gona hit the sack. A normal day for a college knit witt ;)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Rainbow Cowl

I finished this cowl for my friend and she loves it. It was such a nice and relaxing knit that it just flew by. I was finished with it in a day. Not to mention that the yarn was amazing to use. The pattern is called Dolores Park Cowl by Parikha Mehta

Just A Few Things

I finally received my copy of Knit Two and its really good. Kate Jacobs did a wonderful job depicting each character with their own distinctive nature and at the same time using them to create the Friday Night Knitting Club.

Just a few pics of my stash and a few of my projects.Winter Wonderland
Fiery Sort Of HatIn A Bit Of A Snake
Unorganized StashMy Knifty Knitter

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day

My campus was a sea of green today. We had special performances in the dining halls and treasure hunts going around. It was pretty crazy over here. I just finished hosting a small program for the residents with Hall Government. We bought snacks, cookies, water and a few bagels so that people can grab them before they went out for the night. It was a really good turn out, most of the food was gone and the rest we gave to the hungry RAs on duty lolz.

One thing that i dont understand about this holiday is how it turned from the celebration of a saint to an entire day of drinking??? People were drunk at 8 in the morning today! i find that unbelievable. But enough about my ranting. I hope you all have a wonderful St. Patrick's Day and as we tell the residents MAKE GOOD CHOICES!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Adonai Knits

I am in the process of starting my own very very small business lolz. I'm knitting scarfs and hats and selling them to pay for a missions trip i am going on in December. Its part of a campus club called Campus Ambassadors. They go almost every year to different places to help build churches and schools in countries in need. I'm going to Nicaragua to help build a school or a church I'm not sure yet what we are actually building but it is going to be awesome!! Well I've been praying and thinking about what it should be called and I've come up with Adonai Knits, Adonai meaning God in Hebrew. I love the name because I'm thanking God for the gift and the opportunity he has given me to share it with others and make a different in their lives at the same time.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Relay For Life

On Friday night the American Cancer Society hosted Relay For Life at SUNY Oneonta. The event started at 7pm and ended at 7am the next day. The event is made up of different groups created by friends or team members, a beginning ceremony starts off the night with stories from cancer survivors and a few special performances. Teams come with sleeping bags, snacks, games and anything else they can bring to keep them awake through the 12 hours!! It was a crazy night but we had soo much fun. Each team must have at least one team member walking the track surrounding the event at all times. My team was from the Bluefields Cafe. We brought an espresso machine and tons delicious cookies, brownies and cake to fundraise. There was music playing the entire night provided by the campus radio station WONY and many guest bands. Every ten minutes there would be a different activity that the teams could participate in to win prizes. By the end of the night we had raised over $64,000 for cancer research!!! preetty amazing!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Crazy Hectic Week!!!

This week has been soo crazy and hectic im amazed that i made it out alive. But it was all worth it because during the weekend i participated in a Job selection process for a Resident Advisor position. I was competing against over 100 something applicants and......I GOT THE JOB!!!! I am soo happy right now it feels like a dream. I cant wait for next semester to start and RA training. It is definitely a life changing experience to hold the position of an RA. They are in charge of the welcoming the residents and helping them through the college semester. Its going to be a challenging time for me but I am ready and excited for it!!!

On a side note i would just like to say that the weather in upstate New York is intent on driving me and half the campus crazy! It was about 40 degrees and sunny yesterday (an amazing day for upstaters) Today the temperature dropped 25 degrees and it was snowing O_0

Now For Some Knitting
I finished two of the "Robyn's Blue Hat" pattern. The first one i knitted in a Lion Brand Yarn ( I cant remember the specific type but its green lolz), i kinda messed up on it because i dint read the instructions of how big to make the body of the hat. So when i finished knitting i noticed that the body was way tooo big. Instead of freaking out and giving up on the hat, i decided to fold the seed stitch brim over the body creating a real brim. It worked out perfectly, the hat fits nice and snugg and its very warm. The second hat i followed the rules perfectly but the only downfall was that i dint like the type of yarn i used so the hat does not look as good as the first one.
Im planning to make my own buttons to sew on the sides, from this great tutorial "How to Make Dorset Buttons". They are going to be adorable!!

Random Oneonta PicturesHulbert Hall

Sunday, March 8, 2009

SNF and Something New

Yesterday night my hall hosted a program called Saturday Night Fever. Our theme for the night was "Welcome to Hawaii Come Get Leid", its a funny bit of play on words. The night included an assortment of games, karaoke, crafting, a DJ and a giant volleyball net complete with beach balls. Safe to say it was a pretty hectic but fun night.
As people entered they were given a Lei (flower necklace) and entered into the raffle for three prizes. We had 4 boxes of dip dish pizza, soda, chips cake desserts and mock tails. As the president i spent most of the night running around making sure things were going as planned, but i did enjoy seeing everyone have fun.We all had a good time!
Now For Some Knitting
I went to my local Yarn shop today called "Knitting It All Together". Its small but stocked full of yarn from ceiling to floor. I went in there just too look around but of course I left with a pair of needles and yarn. The yarn i bought is beautiful, i always wanted to knit with this type of yarn but never had the chance to get it. Today it was on sale!!! now who doesn't like bargain prices?? especially on yarn!

The yarn is called Nepal by Katia, it was made in Spain and is 72% acrylic and 28% wool. I love the different colors, it sort of looks like a cross of fall and spring. The needles are size 10 5 double pointed by Brittany. I'm thinking of buying at least a skein of different type of yarn from the yarn shop each week. I love trying out new yarn, it feels like a new adventure each time =)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Rambles and Rambles

I'm almost done with reading The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs and it is amazing. A great novel revolving around real life situations. I dream of one day owning a knitting shop as well and Georgia is an inspiration. Of course like all humans she has her flaws but her strength and determination are admirable. I already ordered my copy of Knit Two and I cant wait to start reading it.

Im working on a pattern called Robin's Egg Blue Hat by Rachel Lufer from "I Dream Of Knitting" Blogg. Its a really cute and easy pattern to do. I am recently getting used to knitting with double pointed needles so im glad I found this pattern. Its coming along pretty good, i just hope that it will fit my smaller than average head.

I also bought a big skein of Baby Sport yarn in lilac to make my first ever blanket. I have yet to find a pattern for it, but whatever pattern I finally choose its gotta be a nice and not to easy or ill get bored kind of pattern. lolz.

I'm a Psychology major and this is my freshman year of college. I started this blogg to keep track of my knitting projects and see how i progress in them. I also just needed a place were to write down my thoughts before they suffocate me lolz. College is like a whole different universe compared to the rest of the world. It feels like i have two different lives with two completely different identities, one is with me at school while the other takes over once i get off the bus at home. Its not a shocking discovery that 30% of college freshmen feel completely stressed out during their first semester. But thank God i have knitting to keep the stress at bay! i find myself thinking about my projects and wishing the clock ahead half an hour so i can get out of there. But of course clocks never listen to you and continue at their obnoxiously annoying slow pace! lolz

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Sight To See

I am currently on vacation, sitting in my living room because of course my sister took over the room and since i technically don't live at home anymore she has complete power over it. Going away to school was the best decision i have ever made. At first i was really skeptical about the entire thing, dreading all the crazy things that happens at college and wondering if i would survive my first semester. I currently love my college and wouldn't trade it for any other. Although there was the mooning incident lolz, i happen to walk by a dorm with a group of friends when a trio of butts appeared on the dorm room window. It was definitely a sight to see.

Monday, February 16, 2009

My First Ever Blog

Wow this is the first blog i have ever written. I don't have much to say as of yet, just concentrating on how to decorate my page and show my own personal style. =)