Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving Break!!!

Sorry I have been MIA recently, the last few weeks of classes before break are always mini finals week at school. But in the midst of hasty essays and projects I was able to finish up my package for Vevina McFey. I'm so glad she loves it!! It was so much fun making all the knitted pieces and decorating the wrapping and all just in time to see the new Harry Potter movie!!!

Which I just have to say was an awesome, epic, dramatic movie!!! They did an amazing job, I felt as if I have already seen the movie because of the vivid images I have from reading the book. I definitely recommend it and would gladly watch it again.

Lazy days, home cooked meals, impending projects is what I am experiencing this Thanksgiving. I love being home and seeing my friends and family again. After this break i'll have about a month until I leave to Japan and I am counting down the seconds!!